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       ~ News ~


October 21, 2008


The creation of this booth and the start of NCFC. This is actually the first time Iíve posted about this project

outside of ZFGC.

††††† Iíll probably continue updating this site even after NCFC has ended.





  ~ Summary ~


Welcome to Animal Crossing Neighbourhood!

The game that is always on even if you're not there,

because it's online!


I started making this about a year ago, then after working on it for a month, a stopped for more than half a

year.  Now I'm working on it again for some reason.  I don't remember why I stopped in the first place.

Anyway, this is mainly based on Animal Crossing for Gamecube, although some of the things

from Wild World will be included.



      ~ Features ~


Your Town


As mentioned before, this game will be online.  When you sign up, there will be several

different towns you can choose to join.  Each town will allow a max of 15 players and 5 animal NPCs (maybe more.)

And if possible, each town will have a different time zone.

The differences between the towns will also be far greater then in other Animal Crossing games. The towns

in other AC games are all "different", but in a way they are also all the same, just with rivers, cliffs and buildings

placed in random places. The towns in this game will not be randomly generated, which means I can make them more

unique.  For example, a town within valley, with high cliffs to the east and west, or a town filled with

stone paths, lined with streetlights, giving it a more ďcityĒ like feel to it.

There will be competitions held between the towns.  For example, there may be a Flower Festival, and

the town which plants the most flowers in a week wins.  Every player in the winning town will receive a prize.

You must work together with your neighbours to win these events.

Donít worry, players from other towns cannot mess up your own.  If you travel to another town, you cannot chop

down their trees or mess up their flowers.

No matter what town you decide to live in, you are able to visit all the other towns at any time.



Your House


Not only can you fully customize the inside of your house, you can customize the outside as well!

Things like the house siding, roof, fence, door, chimney and even your Gyroid buddy sitting in front of your house

can be changed.

You will be able to choose the location of your house within the town, as well as the direction your house

faces (South, South-East or South-West)



Your Player


      * Unlike other AC games, you can create your own character and choose his/her face and hair yourself.


* Emotions, Wild World had some of these but you could only get a few of them.  The F1 to F12

keys will be emotions, and you have them from the start.


* Easy trading with other players.  Just click on the player to open their profile and click "Trade".

No more dropping items on the ground just to trade.


* Ranking board, you will be able to see rankings for your town or overall, for things like Bells, HRA Score,

Emblems, Items collected, Quests complete, Fish/Insects caught and more.



Your Life


* Most the features in previous Animal Crossing games will be included, such as fishing, insect catching,

different hats, accessories, and costumes to wear, emotions and more.


* There will be maps outside of the towns you can explore, similar to Animal Island in the Gamecube version.


* Quests will be available.  These are a lot more in-depth then the jobs in the other games.  Each with a

mini storyline and unique prizes when you complete them.


* You can earn "Emblems" for meeting certain requirements.  For example, collecting 1 million bells will earn

you the 'Wealthy' emblem.  They don't really do much, but it could be fun to try to figure ways to earn new

emblems. There is an emblem for almost everything, so it'll urge you to do everything.


* Minigames you can compete with other players at.  Such a foot racing, soccer, etc.


* Because it's an online game, the contents will be ever-evolving.  New items and features will be added

every now and then.




      ~ Screenshots ~










       ~ Demo ~

 ††† Unfortunately, the demo planned for ncfc has not been completed yet.

It may be finished within the next few days, so check this booth again later







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This game is not developed or affiliated by Nintendo.

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